Celebrating success by throwing axes!

A couple of weeks ago, we went out to celebrate our team’s successes – with a bit of axe throwing…

Not the most obvious choice for a team night out, but a Boom Battle Bar recently opened up in Watford, so we thought, why not?!

As well as axe throwing, we all had a go in the batting cages and were very competitive playing shuffleboard (a tabletop version of curling).

The axe-throwing divided the team. Into those who could get the axe to stay in the target and those who simply couldn’t! A lot of fun but as equally frustrating for the latter group!

The batting cages caused much amusement. We all started on the easy levels, and then some of the men tried out the professional speeds for cricket. It turns out the average bowling speed of a professional cricketer is far too fast for our county players to return!

All in all, a great night was had by all. To the next team night out!!

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