Congratulations Ellis on your 3rd anniversary at Cityscape Recruitment

It’s difficult to comprehend that Ellis has only been with Cityscape Recruitment for three years. In those three years, he has progressed so much. 

Ellis joined the business in 2021 with no prior recruitment experience, just a lot of hunger and very solid competitive streak! 

He quickly trained up to become a good recruiter within his first two years, finding great consistency in his 2nd year. As he progressed through his 3rd year, Ellis was given the opportunity to take on the responsibility of working our build main contracting desk. This important desk has been the pillar of the business since Cityscape was established in 2009. Since doing so, he has stepped forward considerably in his focus and ability to deliver to a mature client base and has taken on the responsibility comfortably. 

Ellis is now taking on the new challenge of building a team around him. And we have no doubt he will handle this challenge extremely successfully. 

Well done, Ellis and congratulations on reaching your 3rd anniversary!

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