Congratulations Kerry on your 2nd anniversary at Cityscape Recruitment

We have been fortunate to have had Kerry as part of the team for two years now. Within that time, she has taken her role of Office Manager and owned it!

Kerry initially joined as maternity cover, but we very quickly realised that we could not let her leave. She is exactly the person who the company had needed in that role but could not find for the 12 years prior. Kerry takes great pride in her job and ensures that she does it to the best of her abilities. She’s proactive, enthusiastic, conscientious and diligent. All of which shines through in everything she does.

A lot of the success at Cityscape Recruitment can be attributed to the efficiency of how we run. This efficiency is thanks to the capability of Kerry. With the absence of targets and fees to measure against, the role can often be a thankless task. However, there isn’t anybody in the team that doesn’t appreciate and respect the gravity of the impact Kerry has across the whole business. Having been without her for the first 12 years of trading, we really can’t imagine Cityscape without Kerry as part of the team in the future!

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