Congratulations Lewis on your 7th Anniversary at Cityscape Recruitment!

It is with great pleasure that we wish Lewis a happy 7th anniversary at Cityscape Recruitment.

Lewis has shown remarkable growth and improvement over his seven years. He has achieved more every year since joining in 2017 and he still has plenty of focus and energy to keep advancing.

He is not only the most successful consultant in the company, but he is also leading a strong team who are doing very well. He is doing all this while also supporting other aspects of the company.

Overall, Lewis has positioned himself as a key component within the business and is doing so with consistency and dedication to the job. He never wavers and always maintains a positive attitude.

His consistent efforts in his extra-curricular pursuits, such as his Iron Man training, are equally impressive – he shows a level of dedication and focus that far exceeds that of a ‘normal’ human being!

In short, we are very lucky to have Lewis as part of the Cityscape Team and he is a real pleasure to work with.

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