Congratulations on your promotion, Ellis!

We are delighted to announce that Ellis has been promoted to Senior Consultant!

Ellis joined our recruitment team in 2021 and quickly advanced to Consultant in January 2023. He has shown remarkable growth and potential in his career. Ellis has always displayed a great ability to focus in on the job along with a broad vision, both of which give him the ability to work with diverse professionals across the many facets of the construction industry.

In August, Ellis took on a more challenging role with greater responsibility. Unsurprisingly, he grabbed onto this opportunity with two hands and delivered outstanding results in his best quarter so far.

He is consistently improving and achieving his goals with a positive mindset. We do not doubt that Ellis is just starting to enjoy the success that can be achieved in this profession and there is plenty more in the tank to enjoy over the coming years.

Congratulations, Ellis – a well-deserved promotion!
(On a separate note, we hope your fantasy football team has slightly less success than you do!).

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