Congratulations Alex – 8 years at Cityscape Recruitment

Divisional Manager Alex Wallace has now been with Cityscape Recruitment for eight years.

Nathan Hall, our MD, had this to say in congratulations:

“Learning that Alex has reached his 8th anniversary came as a bit of a shock, primarily because it seems like he has been part of the team for far longer than eight years.

“During the last year, Alex was promoted to Divisional Manager and there was a clear shift in his mindset. He balances his time effectively between managing his growing team and maintaining an established client base. He is also maturing well into his new responsibilities.

“Alex has been a pivotal part of our team since he started with us and it’s certainly a quieter place when he is out of the office! Behind the larger-than-life, jovial exterior is somebody that takes his career seriously and is developing his way into the fabric of the business more and more each year. Hopefully, we will see a continuation of his personal growth over the next year but with no change to his cheerful demeanour that brightens up the office.

“Happy anniversary Alex, it’s been a pleasure!”

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