Congratulations to Daniel Cranston on his fifth anniversary at Cityscape Recruitment!

Daniel Cranston joined us five years ago as a Junior Consultant, having moved down South from the North West to chase a career in recruitment.

He had previous sales experience, but it is fair to say he was risking a lot. Stepping away from home, coming to a new area, and getting a job in an industry he had never worked in before. Was he overly confident? Was he just trying to get closer to the football team he adores (West Ham)? or was he just plain foolish? Who knows, but either way, he was brave.

Fast forward five years to the Danny we know now. The risk he took and subsequent investment and belief in himself was well worthwhile. He has been promoted multiple times; he is now a Senior Consultant; he is running our Civil Engineering desk, and he is one of our top 10 billers.

Danny works hard and devotes himself to what he does. And because of that hard work, he has a very loyal selection of clients and candidates.

With his eyes set on further market expansions, Danny is by no means done. We look forward to seeing what the next five years hold for him here at Cityscape Recruitment.

Congratulations Danny! You’ve had a fantastic journey with us so far, and we feel the best is yet to come. Happy 5th anniversary!

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