Congratulations Jon – 11 YEARS at Cityscape Recruitment

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than sharing the journey and evolution of Cityscape Recruitment with team members that have been integral to it.

And few can match the 11 years that Jon O’Leary has spent as a pivotal part of the team. A length of employment that is rarely achieved in the recruitment sector – a sector that battles with an unusually high average of 43% staff turnover! Throughout the last 11 years, Jon has been part of a ride that has included many positive changes across the company as we have progressed from a start-up to an established business. Luckily amongst the hard graft, there has been plenty of time for a lot of laughter and amusement along the way. He has been a loyal and consistent member of staff who has been a great pleasure to work with.

Jon joined the business in 2011 when the construction industry was facing difficulties which were a far cry from the activity that we have enjoyed in recent times. He took a big leap and stepped into the world of recruitment as a trainee consultant on a commission-only package. Since his traineeship, he has been a prime example of the organic growth that we promote at Cityscape recruitment – rising through the ranks to his current position of Associate Director and shareholder.

Congratulations Jon! Well done on reaching your 11th anniversary. We were thinking about making it a celebration, but some of us are still in recovery from his 10th anniversary!

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