Focusing on our employees

2023 is the year of employee well-being and incorporating health into our company culture.

We all know having a healthy and happy workforce is beneficial for our company.

We know that it:
⬆️ improves productivity
⬇️ reduces absence rates
⬇️ minimises staff turnover

All allowing us to be more resilient to an ever-changing economic environment.

That was why, in 2023, we joined up with local initiative Herts Healthy Workplace to make some meaningful changes to how we manage employee well-being and incorporate health into our culture. A quarterly newsletter on all things well-being related, promoting healthy eating and exercise clubs, to name just a few.

This project has been spearheaded by our Office Manager, Kerry Turner, alongside Divisional Manager Lewis Timberlake, and the feedback we have received from the organisation has been great.

So much so, Cityscape Recruitment has been awarded Level 1 status. This means we have laid a strong foundation with internal projects to begin to build a healthier workplace. And with Kerry and Lewis filled with more ideas, Level 2 is already in their sights.

Herts Healthy Workplace had this to say about our Level 1 submission:

“Huge congratulations on a great piece of work for level 1, we were all really impressed with the quality and your tenacity in making a difference in your workplace”

Read more about Herts Healthy Workplace here.

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