Plastic Free July – Be Part of the Plastic Pollution Solution

#PlasticFreeJuly is back at Cityscape Recruitment for a 6th year!

July is now increasingly known as #PlasticFreeJuly – a global movement that encourages millions of people to reduce their single-use plastic waste at home, work and school.

It’s back for its 13th year; you can read all about it the movement here: Plastic Free July. Cityscape Recruitment is stepping up to the challenge once again and is committing to going plastic-free for a 6th time. 

The #PlasticFreeJuly movement inspired more than 100 million participants across 190 countries to go plastic-free last year and, in turn, refused 18kgs of household waste and recycling. This equates to 2.6 million tonnes of single-use plastic, including drinks bottles, coffee cups, packaging, straws and plastic bags, not ending up in landfills or the sea. And, arguably more important for the long-term, 88% of participants made at least one lasting change to their behaviour. 

So what does it mean for Cityscape Recruitment? From Monday, we are challenging our team to avoid all single-use plastic in the office for the entire month. No plastic drink bottles, no plastic shopping bags, no takeaway coffees, no microwave meals, no sandwich wrappers, no polystyrene takeaway food containers – the list is seemingly endless! We want them to review their buying habits and try to make informed choices to help cut out single-use plastic for the month and, like the 88% of participants above, make lasting changes in their behaviour. 

To help us get going, we are looking through the ‘getting started’ resources on the plastic-free July website – have a look through here

As we did previously, we are using #PlasticFreeJuly to raise money for a charity that focuses on eliminating plastic pollution. If a member of the team chooses to bring single-use plastic into the office (or it is unavoidable), they will need to donate £1 to our collection pot.

We have been avid supporters of reducing plastic waste for several years and will be for years to come. 

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