Welcome to Cityscape Recruitment! 

We are delighted to welcome three new team members to Cityscape Recruitment. 

Over the last couple of weeks, three new team members have joined our team – Alex and Sam have joined our Civil Engineering division and Niall the Specialist Contractors Division.

From Left: Niall, Sam and Alex


See below for a brief introduction to each of them. 

Alex joins us with two years of blue-collar recruitment experience. He is excited at the prospect of transferring his skills into the world of white-collar. Alex lives in Aylesbury and has two children, who take up most of his time! He does, however, like to make time for football and Formula One.

Sam joins us with two years of recruitment experience in the construction and customer care industries. Another football fan – Sam spends his weekends either watching the mighty (Sam’s word!) Brentford or playing the game. 

Niall has worked as an estate agent for the past six years – starting as a trainee and working his way up to assistant manager. There was no room for further progression so he’s now turning his attention and sales skills to recruitment. He’s a big fan of going to live events, be that sporting events, a concert or a food festival – he’s a self-confessed foodie! He also has a dog who takes up a lot of his time – an American Bulldog called Mac. 

We’re thrilled to have you all on the team! We look forward to seeing you develop and wish you lots of success in your careers at Cityscape Recruitment.

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